Frequent fliers learn in real-life frequent flyers

frequent flyers In the movie “Up in the Air,” George Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham was the ultimate example of an efficient traveler. As flight delays, baggage fees, and lost luggage become more common, what can Bingham travel managers and frequent fliers learn in real life? Here are five expert travel tips to help him fly more efficiently and reduce stress when he’s on the go. Get the facts about his fate.

The first step to increasing the efficiency of your flight is knowing the facts about where you are going and what he is going to do. Is the trip to work, for pleasure, or both? What will the weather be like during your stay? How many formal and informal meetings and events will he attend? This information tells you what to bring and how to pack. Commit to continue alone. With lost bags on the rise and airline baggage charges averaging $ 25 or more, now is the time to say goodbye to baggage check-in and embrace the continuous culture. tourism and travel

Avoiding the checked baggage carousel frequent flyers

Before you start to panic about what you can’t carry, keep in mind that if you pack correctly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can fit in a 22 “rotating cab. And once you experience the liberating feeling that comes with avoiding the checked baggage carousel, you will also find it fun and rewarding. Roll up, don’t fold. This tried and true wrapping technique has been used by hostesses for decades. Roll up, don’t fold, your luggage does not allow you to pack more in less space. It also does wonders to avoid wrinkles.

Know what to expect insecurity. How many times have you heard a representative from the Transportation Security Administration repeat this mantra while making your way through security? Still, some people keep in line as they fumble for their boarding pass and ID. Don’t be the type who knows what to expect when you pass security. Have your boarding pass and identification ready

Identification ready until frequent flyers

In the x-ray machine. Remove your shoes. Belt, coat, jewelry, phone, PDA, and a loose shirt and place them in a plastic container for scanning. Laptops need to be taken out of their bag and also placed on the conveyor belt to be scanned. All liquids, gels, and sprays, with a few exceptions such as medications, infant formula, and breast milk, must be in 3.4-ounce (100 ml) or smaller containers and must be placed in individual, quarter-size, clear plastic bags. size, with zipper. Lastly, please have your boarding pass and identification ready until you go through security. When you are at the boarding gate, you will only need your boarding pass to board the plane.

Be punctual and be good. This may seem obvious, but it is true when you are well prepared for your trip, and over time your trip will become much easier and less stressful. Print your boarding pass in advance if possible. Some companies like Delta now send an electronic boarding pass to your mobile phone. Please be at the airport online to check-in at least one hour before boarding time.

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